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Arrange your browser bookmarks alphabetically for increased productivity

The bookmark bar is a very useful in providing quick access to your favorite websites. If not visible, then you need to enable it in your browser settings. For example in Chrome, click on the three horizontal dots (right side of browser), click on Settings then Appearance (on left) and make sure Show bookmarks bar is set to enabled (blue).   Many people have bookmarks in whatever order they have added them. However, particularly for the bookmarks that are visible on the bar it makes a lot of sense to arrange these in alphabetical order.   Why?  1. Having them arranged in order makes them easier to find. A small reduction in cognitive friction but it all helps.   2. In moving them, you will often end up renaming them from the browser default - which is often long and uninformative - to something shorter and more meaningful.  3. As a result of more streamlined naming, more bookmarks will be visible on the bar before disappearing out of view into Other Bookmarks.   4. You will appear orga

The Custom Chrome extension allows you to easily manage your browser extensions

Extensions are great add ons for improving your browser. However it is easy to accumulate too many, which means it is hard to remember what you have and what they are good for. Enter  Custom Chrome  with four reasons why it is so useful: 1. It has a clean, simple interface making it easy to use 2. You can access it via a keyboard shortcut, to quickly enable it Tip:  If you copy  chrome://extensions/shortcuts  into the address bar, then you can enable keyboard shortcuts for all of your currently active extensions if they support this feature. Click on the pencil icon to edit and then type your desired shortcut (I use Alt c).  3. Extension groups can be created. So for example you might create a group for shopping. To create a group, activate the extension (preferably via your keyboard shortcut 😇), click on the options cog near the top right, click Create Group, name it, and then tick all the extensions that you want to include in this group. Now retail therapy calls, activate the exten